I turned 41 today. Here are my goals for the next year.

So this is middle age. Time to get shit done.

4. Build 100ofakind.com into a viable enterprise that makes great art affordable for anyone.

3. Get organized
• Backup our family photos and create albums.
• Build toy shelves and a stage in the playroom.
• Turn half of the garage into my studio.

2. Take care of myself.
• Get more sleep. (Either convince my daughters to sleep through the night or go to bed earlier.)
• Eat well. (Avoid drive-thrus and those little powdered doughnuts.)
• Do yoga. (No, seriously.)

1. Be present for my girls.
• Play hard with my daughters. The TV should be a treat or the last resort.
• Be a patient and active listener with my wife. Give her the attention and affection she deserves every day.

You can look back at how I did on my goals for my 39th and 40th years.

The big 40 wasn’t that big of a deal

I think I did pretty good on the goals I set a year ago on my 40th birthday.

4. Be healthy. 

- Stretch and take a walk every day.

- Drink less than 3 cups of coffee a day.

Besides finishing rehab after my back surgery, the only exercise I’ve gotten has been picking up my daughters. But I am down to less than 2 cups a day.

3. Focus on one thing at a time.

- Don’t start a side project until the last one is on its way out the door.
- Think about work at work.

- Look at my family more and my phone less.

I’m still on twitter too much, but I do try to keep my phone in pocket when it’s Daddy time. 

I also stopped bringing work home with me (except for a few late nights when there was a pitch or big presentation the next day.) 

And I wrote a chapter for a marketing book, created Lonely Valentines, helped organize the Austin chapter of CreativeMornings, and launched Passive Aggressive Notepads on KickStarter.

(If you want me to have a really happy birthday tomorrow, you can support that KickStarter right now.)

2. When I am hungry, tired or in pain; don’t take it out on my wife. 

- Nobody likes grumpy Brian. She deserves better.

I asked Brooke how I did on this one and she replied, “I think you did above average. I’d give you a strong B.”

1. Read to and laugh with my daughters every day.

- Savor the bliss they bring to my life.

Giving myself a giant checkmark with a gold star on this. It’s not giggles all the time, but nothing is as amazing as being their Dad.

(I started posting my birthday goals publicly when I turned 39. You can look back at how I did before I turned 40.)

25 Kickstarter projects you won’t want to miss

I love the opening of this list on WebDesignerDepot.com - and I’m flattered that they included my Passive Aggressive Notepads.

"All creatives have great ideas, it’s what we live for; that moment of inspiration at 4am that sees you leaping from bed and rushing to your desk is the excitement that makes life worthwhile.

Sadly, by the cold light of day, the idea that seemed so revolutionary in the early hours, rarely holds the same appeal. Do you really want to quit your job and travel round lapland photographing reindeer? Do you really want give up your day job to manufacture iPhone cases shaped like beagles? By the time we’ve showered, grabbed a coffee and headed out the door the idea has been consigned to the back of a sketchbook, usually for good.

Of course, sometimes an idea won’t let go of you, and this collection of KickStarter Projects just shows what we can do if we commit to making the dream a reality.

Some of these ideas will inspire you, some might even make you want to kick in a buck or two. Personally, I’m just glad there are people out there with the perseverance to get this far.”